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---"3 Day" Game Post Update---

2008-11-19 20:11:41 by Polioman

I'll be updating every three days. there's a picture of the menu.

Post No.3 || 11/25/08.||

-Added 3 more levels!.


Post No.2 || 11/22/08.||

-Redesigned items and script from scratch. Working better than ever.


Post No.1 ||11/19/08.||

- Menu, Credits, Controls, Instructions and some graphics looks finally cool.


---"3 Day" Game Post Update---


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2008-11-27 16:54:03

great you are one stap frath


2009-05-12 22:07:29

Sounds awesome, about how much longer?

Polioman responds:

About near never, I was just finishing it and then I realized that AS2 was to old, and I just found the project hiding in my computer yesterday :P


2009-05-20 07:12:26

Very Awesome