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AS3: My little essay.

2010-01-08 13:42:24 by Polioman

...::: AS3 :::...

AS2 Was, for most people around Newgrounds and the world, a path to fun, entertainment and porn, it was a powerful tool to develop tons of games and movies, enjoyable and easy to use coding that we could all recognize, but now, it's coming to and end. Everything we knew about Flash has been altered, but it's for good, AS3 is an even more powerful tool, it's preciser (:P new word), and it has a lot of coding to learn, it's like a new world waiting to be discovered, or like a new fresh pair of underwear waiting to be smelled.

(Glorious Speech - Started)
AS3 is something we will have for the rest of time printed in our memory, along with the reminds of AS2, the reminds of AS1 (which I never got to know), and of course, the MJ legacy and the O.J Simpson trial, [Off Topic nonsense] This is what provides us an entity! It's the result of years of evolution!, of common sense! and the cultivation of beans what makes us a great famiy, so Tom bless Newgrounds and all non-blamed users on it!
(Glorious Speech - Ended)

Thank you. Erick.

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